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Holiday Package - albania

We invite you to take part in albania tour and be enriched by the many things that you will learn about and experience: you will meet new people, you will experience new things, and you will have the chance to learn about the history and culture of Albania, as well as be amazed by the endless beauty of the country. 

Once your Albanian vacation is over, you'll have something to remember and share with your family. We can cater to your needs for your group travel to TIRANA, ALBANIA!

  • • If you are a group of friends, we can customize a fun itinerary for you.
  • • If you are from a company and wanted to travel together with all of your colleagues, we can create good itineraries for you.
  • • If you preferred to stay in a 5-star hotel with the best services for your team, we can get you the best value for money.
  • • If you are a family, spending quality time together, we can recommend a family-oriented itinerary.
  • • And if you are uniting your community through travel, of course, we are here to always support you.
  • Let our experienced Travel Consultants take care of any questions you may have.


  • • 7 overnights accommodation on b/b basis
  • • English speaking guide
  • • A/C vehicle all the tour

  • • Entry Fees: National Museum of History
  • • Roman Amphitheatre
  • • Archaeological Museum
  • • Castle of Berat
  • • Apollonia Arch.Site
  • • Castle of Gjirokastra
  • • National Iconography Museum
  • • Blue Eye
  • • Butrint Arch.Site
  • • Porto Palermo Castle
  • • Bun Art in Tirana
  • • Cable car in Tirana Agency Assistance
  • • Tips for driver and guide
  • We will be happy to add or remove overnight stays upon request, as well as modify programs or visits upon request.

    Albania Tour - Experience the best of Albania in 8 days

    Day 1

  • • Airport – Visit Tirana.
  • • Meet Greet With Your Guide. Crazy, Colorful, And Loud - Albania's Capital City, Tirana, Is Simply Fascinating. From Elegant Minarets To Socialist Murals, Tirana's Grand Central Boulevards Are Lined With Relics Of Its Ottoman, Italian And Communist Past.
  • • Visit Tirana: National Museum Of History Showing Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Independence, Iconography, National Liberation Anti-fascism War, Communist Terror, And Mother Teresa. Continue With Scanderbeg Square, Scanderbeg Monument And Et’hem Bey Mosque Founded At The End Of The 18th Century.
  • • Clock Tower Built In 1822 As A Monument Of Culture Of The First Category, The Palace Of Culture That Was Built Over The Previous Old Bazaar Of Tirana, And The First Brick Was Put By Former Soviet President Nikita Hrushov On June 3, 1959. This Building Has Significant Elements From The Palace Of Congress In Rome And The Building Of Finland Station In St. Petersburg.
  • • Overnight Stay At The Accommodation In Tirana.
  • Day 2

  • • Tirana-durres-berat.
  • • Drive To Durres And Visit: Archaeological Museum Established In 1951, Largest In The Country, Including Durrës’ Prehistoric, Archaic, Classical, And Civic Illyrian Periods, Extending To The 1st Century.
  • • Roman Amphitheatre Built After The 2nd Century B.c Remains One Of The Most Majestic Of The Ancient World And One Of The Ten Most Beautiful Roman Amphitheaters. Venetian Tower.
  • • Drive To Berat. Magic Is Real, You Can Feel It In The Air. It Is So Old, Over 2500 Years Old. It Has A Proper Name, It's Called Berat.
  • • Visit In Berat Unesco Heritage: Castle Of Berat A Living Castle, From Antiquity To The Present Day. Erected On Top Of A Hill During The 4th Century B.c, Is The Crown Jewel Of This Glorious Ancient City.
  • • With A Total Of Twenty-four Watchtowers, A View From Its Fortified Courtyard Reveals, The Entire City Of Berat, The Osum River, And The Old Bridge Of Gorica. National Iconography Museum Inside The Castle Built In 1797, This Cathedral Is Situated At The Highest Altitude Of The Castle.
  • • Overnight Accommodation At The Accommodation In Berat.
  • Day 3

  • • Berat, Apollonia, Gjirokastër.
  • • Drive To Apollonia Arch. Site Ancient City Of Apollonia, Founded In The Sixth Century B.c Built By Greek Colonizers On The Lands Of The Taulantii Illyrian Tribe, Selected From Over Twenty Other Cities Throughout The Mediterranean, To Receive The Glorious Name Of Apollo.
  • • Drive To Gjirokastra (Unesco) Called The City Of Stone, The Hometown Of Ex-dictator And The Famous Internationally Known Writer Ismail Kadare.
  • • Visit: Castle Of Gjirokastra As The Largest In Albania One Of The Oldest In The Balkans! Bazaar Pass, Filled With Crafty Artisans.
  • • And Accommodation In Gjirokaster
  • Day 4

  • • Blue Eye and Lekuresi Castle from Saranda.
  • • Drive To Blue Eye A Natural Phenomenon. The Most Tropical Destination In The Country With A Truly Mesmerizing Cold-water Spring.
  • • Then Stop For A Viewpoint As The Very Best Out-look Of Southern Albania: The Likuresi Castle. Drive To Butrint Arch. Site (Unesco) Is The Most Important One In Albania. Is The One Most Responsible For Putting Albania On The Map.
  • • Butrint’s Glorious 2500-year-old Ruins, Declared In 1992, A World Heritage Site By Unesco Admiring Inside: The Greek Theatre (3rd Century B.c.) Temple Of Asclepius (1st Century), The 6th-century Basilica, The Imposing Lion’s Gate 5th Century A.D.
  • • Arrive And Accommodation In Saranda
  • Day 5

  • • Saranda-himara-riviera- Porto Palermo Castle-llogara National Park-tirana
  • • Drive Along The Amazing Albanian Riviera With Idyllic And Breathtaking Spots Along This Craggy Coast.
  • • Stop And Visit Porto Palermo Castle As The Most Picturesque Castle In Albanian Riviera A 19th-century Fortress, Also Known As The Castle Of Ali Pasha.
  • • Drive To Llogara Pass Declared National Park In November 1966 Provides Striking Scenery, With Tall Mountains Overlooking The Albanian Riviera And Several Islands In The Sea. Stop For A Photo.
  • • Drive Along The Amazing Albanian Riviera With Idyllic And Breathtaking Spots Along This Craggy Coast.
  • • Arrive And Accommodation In Tirana
  • Day 6

  • • Under the Nuclear Bunk Art cable Car.
  • • This Is One Of Those Absolutely Amazing Days To Explore And Learn Unique Things About Albania’s Past And Enjoying To Maximum Nature And View Of The Capital City Itself. An Unforgettable Experience Begins With Bunk Art Museum.
  • • Underneath Tirana, The Capital Of Albania, There Is A Five-story Nuclear Bunker Of Spidery Hallways And Over 100 Rooms. Built-in The 1970s Under The Orders And Direction Of Enver Hoxha, Communist Leader Of Albania For Over Four Decades The Museum Video Exhibition Set Up Inside The Atomic Bunker Of Dictator Enver Hoxha. Dedicated To The History Of The Albanian Communist Army And The Daily Life Of Albanians During The Years Of The Regime.
  • • Leaving The Bunker Heading To The Cable Car Of Tirana. Dajti Express Cable Car 13 Minutes To Climb To The Higher Mountain Of Tirana, Dajti, 1613 M. Offering A Breath-taking Panoramic View Of Tirana. The View Is Just Where The Fun Begins, As You Reach The Top There Are Wonderful Options To Eat And Drink Whilst You Enjoy Further The Different Angles On The Mountainside.
  • • Drive Back. Free Time.
  • • Accommodation In Tirana.
  • Day 7

  • • Tirana to Kruje.
  • • Drive To Kruje Historic Town. Visit: Castle Of Kruje As The Ancient Symbol Of Albanian Resistance. When The Ottoman Empire Ruled Over A Large Swathe Of Europe, Including Constantinople And The Balkans, This Castle Remained Undefeated For Thirty-five Years. National Museum Gjergj Kastrioti Reveals Insights Into Skanderbeg’s Life. The Unique Ethnographic Museum Built During The Mid-18th Century, In 1764, This Ottoman House Is Considered One Of The Most Unique Museums In Albania Including A Total Of 15 Rooms. A White, Three-story Construction With A Tower Placed In The Middle, Old Medieval Bazaar Is One Of The Oldest In Albania And Dates Back To Over 400 Years Ago.
  • • Drive Back To The Capital.
  • • Free Time.
  • • Accommodation In Tirana.
  • Day 8

  • • Tirana - Shopping - Airport.
  • • Free Time For Shopping.
  • • Transfer To Airport.
  • • End Of Our Services.

    The visa regime for foreigners is determined based on Law, 108/13, "For foreigners", and DCM no. 569, dated 03.10.2018 for some additions and changes to the Decision no. 513, dated 13.06.2013 of the Council of Ministers on "On determining the criteria of procedures and documentation for entry, stay and treatment of foreigners in the Republic of Albania", as amended.

    Enter Albania without a visa:

  • 1. Foreigners holding a valid Schengen multi-pass visa, which has previously been used in one of the Schengen area countries, or who have a valid residence permit in one of the Schengen area countries.
  • 2. Foreigners holding a valid US or UK multi-pass visa, which has previously been used in one of these countries, or who have a valid residence permit in the US or the UK.
  • 3. Foreign citizens from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Qatar, Oman, Russia, and Thailand, can enter Albania without a visa, for a short-term stay, with the passport document, from 01 April 2021 until 31 December 2021.
  • 4. "Foreign members of the family of EU citizens", when traveling with an EU citizen spouse, as well as in addition to a valid passport, have a document (residence permit) which cites their status as a family member ”
  • 5. Foreign citizens who have a valid permit of stay, issued by the competent authority of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Type "visa" is a visa, which entitles its holder to enter and stay in the Republic of Albania for up to 90 days within 180 days, starting from the date of first entry. The "C" visa can be issued with one, two, or more entries. The validity period may not exceed 5 years.

    Type "visa", is a visa, which is issued to foreign citizens, who seek to stay in the Republic of Albania for more than 90 days for 180 days and when to obtain a residence permit for these citizens is required visa.

    For more information, please read further on this link https://punetejashtme.gov.al/en/regjimi-i-vizave-per-te-huajt/

    Group of 50 persons 

    SINGLE Room - AED 2300 per person 

    DOUBLE Room - AED 1610 per person 

    Group of 40 persons 

    SINGLE Room - AED 2400 per person 

    DOUBLE Room - AED 1680 per person

    Group of 30 persons 

    SINGLE Room - AED 2500 per person 

    DOUBLE Room - AED 1810 per person

    Group of 20 persons 

    SINGLE Room - AED 2750 per person 

    DOUBLE Room - AED 2060 per person

    Group of 10 persons 

    SINGLE Room - AED 3270 per person 

    DOUBLE Room - AED 2575 per person

    • All prices are starting rates, depending on your date of travel, we will get the best-discounted price for you. 

    Quotation based on 4-star hotels (subject to availability)

    1. Tirana hotel Prestige https://hotelprestige.com.al/

    2. Berat hotel Belagrita Palace https://belagritapalace.com/

    3. Gjirokaster hotel Cajupi http://www.cajupi.com/

    4. Sarande hotel Brilant https://www.brilanthotel.com/

    5. Tirane hotel Prestige https://hotelprestige.com.al/

    6. Tirane hotel Prestige https://hotelprestige.com.al/

    7. Tirane hotel Prestige https://hotelprestige.com.al/

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    AED 1610
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