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How to Get the Best Deal on Car Rentals in Dubai

Depending on your needs and the type of trip you intend to make, the city of Dubai offers a wide range of vehicles for rent for your trip. You can choose from Budget cars, Economy cars, or Luxury cars depending on the particular type of trip you intend to make. We offer a selection of rental cars for you to choose from when you book Dubai Tour Packages with SouthTravels.

It is important that whenever you select one of the cars for rent in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, you will rest assured that you have chosen a very dependable and affordable vehicle which will be available when you need it and wherever you need it.

Packgae Types

Daily Rental
Weekly Rental
Monthly Rental
Yearly Rental

Daily Rental

SouthTravels confirms your booking instantly and delivers the car of your choice for use for one or more days. Additionally, you have the option to pick up and return your car in different parts of the UAE, making it a great option for commuting between meetings and rendezvous locations.

Weekly Rental

SouthTravels offers long-term rental packages beginning with weekly rentals. These long-term car rental plans grant better pricing and usage privileges.

Monthly Rental

We offer a self-drive Dubai car rental option for those who are looking for a monthly vehicle rental, which gives the user a discount, more usage privileges, and mileage allowance.

Yearly Rental

Dubai Car Rental offers very attractive yearly rental packages on all-terrain and utility vehicles for those seeking a yearly rental option.

Tips for First-Time Car Renters in Dubai

Among the car rental companies in Dubai, SouthTravels car rental has one of the most reliable and trustable reputations in the business. Renting a car is better than relying on public transportation, which is unreliable and time-consuming. That's where SouthTravels helps with first-class service.

Whether you need to rent a car for a short time or for an extended period, we can accommodate all types of needs. In order to choose the most appropriate rental vehicle for your trip, consider your budget as well as the purpose of your trip. You should choose a vehicle that has enough baggage and passenger space, for instance, for adventurous trips and long journeys.

There are many benefits to renting a premium automobile, whether you are traveling for business or leisure.

Top Benefits of Choosing a Rental Car Over Public Transportation

Choosing a rental car from a trustworthy provider like SouthTravels has several advantages over public transportation. SouthTravels provides a comprehensive range of services to ensure a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

  • You can explore at your own pace with flexibility and freedom.
  • Especially convenient when traveling with luggage or in a group.
  • It saves you time, because you won't have to wait for public transportation.
  • Locations that are remote or less accessible.
  • You can customize your itinerary and make spontaneous stops.

World Wide SouthTravels Services

We offer competitive pricing and best customer support available 24/7 over Whatsapp. Our travel agency received five star ratings across the globe for travel services from dubai.

  • Visa Services - It is our mission to simplify visa and immigration application procedures for you and make your life easier.
  • Flights Reservations - We always have the best reasonable prices for flights when you book with SouthTravels.
  • Hotel Booking - Find Cheap & Budget-Friendly Hotels at SouthTravels. Luxury & Affordable Hotel Rooms at the Lowest Prices.
  • Transportation - VIP transportation or budget transportation services are available through our agency.

FAQs about Car Rentals

We offer a variety of options from various providers, so you can compare prices, vehicle types, and rental terms. By booking ahead of time and being flexible with your dates, you can also find better deals.

Renting a car in Dubai is a convenient and flexible way to explore the world-class infrastructure Dubai has to offer, whether you are visiting for a holiday or if you are a resident of the UAE. It is only through driving that you can fully experience Dubai's world-class infrastructure. You can rent a car in accordance with your budget, preferences, and requirements, and even have it delivered to your doorstep.

Please talk to our travel expert at +971 4 447 3839 or 971 50 247 7593 if you need more advice and information. Make your rental experience as smooth as possible with our help!

We offer highly discounted monthly car rentals in Dubai at highly competitive rates. If you want to reserve a car for any length of time, you can use our contact form here.

Whether you are looking for a hotel transfer out of the airport or a car rental service from the airport to a hotel, we can provide you with all that you need including a driver should you not be able to drive. We are committed to providing our customers with the best discounts on car rentals and rent a driver.


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