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Beaches Brazil

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With over 5000 miles of coastline, the list of beaches well worth your visit is endless. Therefore, comprising a list of the best beaches is quite the challenge. Particularly because in many cases we begin comparing apples with oranges, as the diversity of the beaches ranges so extensively. We have selected a list of beaches which represent this diversity, and promise satisfaction!

Baía do Sancho, Baía dos Porcos, Praia do Leão | Espelho and Coruípe | Jericoacoara | Canoa Quebrada



Baía do Sancho, Baía dos Porcos and Praia do Leão are among the ten most breathtaking beaches in Brazil. Baía dos Porcos and Baía do Sancho are two of the most highly rated diving destinations (link to diving section Fernando De Noronha) in the country, and Praia do Leão is home to abundant sea-turtle spawning. Lucky for you, travelers to the Archipelago of Fernando do Noronha (link to 14 Green Destinations Fernando de Noronha) have the good fortune of experiencing all three beaches in one trip!

How to Get There: Located approximately one and a half hours by plane from the Northeast coastal cities of Natal and Recife, Noronha is well worth the time it takes to arrive. As the saying goes, the best things come to those who wait!

Important Information: Visitors to the Island must pay a conservation fee, and goods and services on the island tend to be relatively expensive. Also, as there are limits on the number of tourists allowed on the island, it is advisable to book in advance in order to avoid the risk of joining the waiting list. High season runs from mid December through the end of February.



Espelho and Coruípe are two interconnected beaches surrounded by lush coconut groves, enticing reefs, natural pools soaring white and red rock cliffs. Here the rhythm of life is set by the sun. Adding to their natural splendor is the nostalgic charm of their surrounding fishing villages where electricity still does not exist. The beaches are extremely popular with the locals and are experiencing a growing number of both domestic and international tourists annually.

How to Get There: Fly into Porto Seguro, Bahia. From there it is 40 miles to the beaches, although you will pass numerous other beaches of astonishing beauty along the way. Access to this paradise is from BR-101 between the towns of Trancoso and Caraiva. There is a bus station in Trancoso providing inter-city connections.

Important Information: As there is no electricity, flashlights are essential. The Monte Pascoal National Park is well worth a bit of exploration while you are there, particularly, if you are interested in Indigenous culture, as the Pataxós tribe controls access to the park. This region also provides an ideal destination for history lovers, tracing the route of discovery of this unique country.



Travelers to Fortaleza should do everything within their power to travel to this destination. Days on your vacation to Jericoacoara are spent exploring the endless rock formations, dunes, coconut groves, reefs and lakes of the surrounding region, basking in sweet serenity and sunshine. In the evening, tradition has been to stroll along the few cobble-stone streets of the town, leading to the tallest dunes, where everyone convenes to marvel at the setting sun, relieving tired legs from the hike back down by sledding down the dune on a small board into the warm waters below. Below the pale moonlight tourists and locals alike dine in excellent restaurants, savoring regional delicacies, as well as French and Italian dishes prepared by the many Europeans who traded in their hectic lifestyles for peace in paradise. The utmost experienced travelers place Jericoacoara tops on their list of favorite destinations!

How to Get There: The best things come to those who wait! Fly into Fortaleza, the capital of the state of Ceará. From there the bus and buggy rides to Jericoacoara can last up to seven hours. There are two busses per day, and transfer arrangements are also arranged through local tourism agencies.



In Canoa Quebrada you will find spectacular beaches surrounded by rolling dunes and picturesque rocks. Both day and night the animated local bars and restaurants are alive with people dancing to many types of music. Pay a visit to the neighboring Aracati to admire the historic colonial architecture.

How to Get There: Canoa Quebrada is approximately 100 miles from Fortaleza, one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in the country, and a true gem of the Northeast. Daily flights service the airport in Fortaleza from hubs throughout Brazil.

Important Information: August is high season in Canoa Quebrada, when the town quickly fills up with European tourists. Aracati features a traditional annual Carnival.


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