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Proceed Now Holiday Package Exclusive Special Offers 2017

We bring you a selection of cheap holiday packages to any destination Worldwide!. Browse our list of holiday packages that is perfect for family, friends and couples that are looking for affordable holiday packages from dubai.

zero interest rate
bangkok thailand fixed departure packages

Thailand Spring Break Package - AED 3,300


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bangkok thailand fixed departure packages

Armenia Package

VALIDITY: Until March 31, 2017

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bangkok thailand fixed departure packages

Phuket Thailand Package - AED 3,200

4 Nights Thailand Package

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Are You Prepared for any EMERGENCY while in a Foreign Country?

We arrange Travel Insurance for UAE and GCC Residents - Whether you are you looking for a cheap Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa Application or would like to have a peace of mind while travelling abroad, can help you secure your travel insurance policy that covers medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, personal liability, cancellation of flight, baggage delay and loss/theft of your luggage.
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Why book your Holiday Packages with

If you like to travel ( I mean who doesn’t? ), you’ll probably agree that one of the most aggravating things about it is figuring out what hotel, tours, flights, transfer, visa, etc… are really the best for you to take based on your preference and budget.

You might ask, “Are package holidays the cheapest option… or shall I book different components of my trip from multiple sources?” This is where a travel agent comes into play.

Consider this scenario. Let say you’re travelling from Dubai to Paris with your whole family when a sandstorm delays your flight. If you booked your trip through a travel agency, you can call them to get assistance with rebooking your travel arrangements.

If something doesn’t seems right when you arrive at your destination, such as your room is unacceptable or the airport transfer to the hotel didn’t show up, your travel agent can usually resolve those problems for you.

If you value time, experience, safety, and money, you should understand the benefits of using a travel agency like South Travels, one of the finest and most reputable Travel Agency in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with more than a decade of experience in providing quality travel services for leisure and business travelers worldwide!

Let your travel agent handle the really stressful and difficult task of planning a trip. When you’re dealing with rescheduling or booking cancellation, having a travel expert on your side can be a HUGE relief. They’re someone who can argue or negotiate on your behalf when things get suddenly complicated and force you to make changes on your plans. Who doesn’t want that?

In most cases, travel agents have access to information about rates and routes that average consumer might not have, saving you precious time and money. Dealing with a travel agent can also help you get a great deal on a holiday package and last minute promotions. We generally receive regular and up to date information and access to promotions from hotels, tour operations, cruise lines and other travel providers that aren't available to the general public.

The bottom line is that travel agent knows more than you do, we have more connections, we have access to special travel deals you can’t get otherwise, and most of the time we can beat any other prices available… yes, even from major online booking sites! carefully design holiday packages suits the needs of every traveler at a reasonable price. Whatever your budget is, we will tailor a holiday vacation package just right for you.

If you need any help with your travel plans, we'd like to hear from you. Request a Discount Holiday Package here!

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