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Are You Prepared for any EMERGENCY while in a Foreign Country?

Whether you are you looking for a cheap Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa Application or would like to have a peace of mind while travelling abroad, can help you secure your travel insurance policy that covers medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, personal liability, cancellation of flight, baggage delay and loss/theft of your luggage.

Going on a business trip, a family vacation or a leisure holidays, Travel Easy has a suitable plan for every kind of traveler. Travel Easy offers you a range of benefits to protect your travels – allowing you the peace of mind to simply enjoy your trip.

Key Benefits

  • Accident and Medical Expenses
  • Flight Cancellation
  • Loss or Damage of Luggage / Personal Effects
  • Missed Departure or Connecting Flight
  • Loss of Passport
  • Schengen Visa Complaint

Choose from Wide Selection of Travel Insurance Plans that Suit Your Needs.

We can arrange Travel Insurance for Dubai / UAE and GCC Residents who wish to travel worldwide.

The most basic, affordable and Schengen Complaint Insurance Package for the individual or business traveler.

A comprehensive insurance package with higher limits going up to USD 1 million for benefits like Accident & Medical Expenses. This extensive cover also includes added benefits like legal and personal liability, bail bond and more.

Travel Easy Premium Table

  Elite Ultimate
Age 6m-60y 61-71y 6m-60y 61-71y
Up to One Week 44 50 88 94
Up to Two Weeks 51 59 116 129
Up to Three Weeks 60 74 142 159
Up to Four Weeks 82 109 173 239
Up to Two Months 142 176 246 288
Up to Three Months 220 260 340 379
Up to Six Months 456 1216 1017 2102
  Elite Ultimate
Age 6m-60y 61-71y 6m-60y 61-71y
Up to One Week 63 102 119 129
Up to Two Weeks 76 127 166 178
Up to Three Weeks 91 158 255 228
Up to Four Weeks 126 243 282 328
Up to Two Months 245 396 354 478
Up to Three Months 389 648 488 738
Up to Six Months 843 2100 1452 2865
Individual - AED 540 (age limit 18 to 60 years, maximum 90 days per trip, valid Worldwide)

It is normal to experience disruptions and other unexpected occurrences while travelling. This travel Easy policy includes a comprehensive coverage for every aspect of your trip and protects you against loss or damages arising from uncertainties.

We can help you choose the right coverage for your travel needs. With our affordable travel medical insurance packages, you can travel knowing you’re financially protected against most unexpected travel situations. If you have any questions or concerns, we'd like to hear from you!

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