Evening Desert Safari Tour Dubai

The most popular desert trip that includes everything to make your evening in the desert a memorable one.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Pro Tours gives you an opportunity to see the Golden sand Dunes of Arabia in 4 wheel drives where you experience the thrill of a life time, roller coaster ride on the sand dunes. You stop on the highest sand dune to view the beautiful sunset for some breathtaking photographs and refresh your selves with mineral water. We then continue our journey to our Bedouin Campsite in the heart of the Desert, where you will experience first hand how Emirati people used to live before modern life crawled into their lives today. At those Camp sites, where Henna Design, Arabic GAVA, local dresses, soft drinks, water, tea or coffee are available for you to choose from. When you visit those deep in the Desert Arab life style of Old, you will experience many aspects of how life used to be, and you will enjoy the Hospitality of the Arabs here.

Exploring the wadis/valleys A popular amusement with both residents and visitors is known as wadi bashing - exploring the wadis or dry beds of streams that flow after the winter rains from the Hajar Mountains. Many wadis offer scenes of unexpected beauty: attractive rock pools, some with water year-round, surrounded by greenery. Four-wheel-drive vehicles are required and are available for hire with or without drivers.

Choosing to experience the Arabian Adventure Tours will give you the Thrill of a life time, the name Arabian in essence tells it all, this is an Adventure through which you will have first hand experience with the Desert sand thrills, taking the Land Cruisers up the Hills, shooting down at a speed like racing. While driving one’s own car may get stuck in the sand, in this trip there is a challenge to nature like no other. Unfit Deserts for traveling except on the back of a Sahara Camel, brings a new feeling of excitement seeing modern day cars sailing the waves of sand in this Safari. It is called Safari, not because you will be going Deer hunting, or chasing wiled life, but hunting something available only on this Arabian sand excitement of a life time. You cannot hear yourself laughing like you never did in your life as you experience the feeling of this sailing on sandy Hills, ups and downs, which is kind of new to the world of excitements that we know about, or the kinds of risky sports we got used to at major places in the world.

Desert Safari
Dune Bashing
Dune Bashing

You can enjoy some breaks where Water and soft Drinks will be provided to you in the hot weather, giving Water and the soft Drinks a taste like you never had ever. This Adventure is designed to leave in you a feeling that will last, and memories you will never forget, you will sit times and times watching pictures you took during this trip, times and times without a number looking at the Joy you experienced here. (The above tour is not recommended to heart patients / Clients with neck and back problems).

Have you ever seen a Camel, did you see one in actual life, how about if we ask: did you ever taken a Camel ride in the Desert? So many questions and all answers are prepared for you on this Desert Safari. Come see Camels first hand, ride through the Desert on Camels who are also called the ships of the Desert.

In the desert
In the desert
In the desert

Having wife and children, you brought your family with you, or coming alone with friends, riding a Camel through the Desert is worthwhile. During old times the only means of transport through the vastness of the Desert were only Camels, Camels travel for long hours in the heat of the day, and go about couple of weeks without needing to drink even one drop of water. Camels were more than means of Transport to Arabs of Old times, Arabs used Camels also for Food, because Camels are so tasty. From Camels Arabs take the milk, which is so rich with nutrition for human body due to the Diet in Camel’s food, Arabs also use Camels skin in many ways as well. On the other hand, believe it or not, Camel’s urine has healing powers, if you go on the Net and check for Camel Urine in the world of Medicine you will be shocked to see how long this industry are using Urine in healing.

Did you have fun with all the excitement here, well, your fun just started at this point, imagine. When you thought this is it, a new entertainment awaits you. Now that you gave your body all the ecitement it needs, and the Thrills that took the best out of you, come and relax in an Arabian Night kind of an Atmosphere. Yes, what an end to this wonderful day, where you will be taken to a real Arabian Tent, sitting in and experiencing first hand this Old life style.

Henna Painting
Camel Ride

Adding to the atmosphere of the night, an enchanting belly dancer performs a fascinating dance to a rhythm of an Arabic music. While you relax and recline in the tents with carpet and pillows a delicious BBQ Buffet Dinner will be served under the starlit sky, you will be watching the dancers while food is being prepared.

Desert feast give a truly strange experience. Safaris that finish in the evening with spectacular sunset views followed by a traditional Arabian barbecue under the stars are more popular these days. These can be modified to meet every taste from a romantic and peaceful experience to elaborate fun-packed evenings complete with music, belly dancing, the smoking of hubble-bubble pipes/Sheisha and often a display of falconry.

Oooh, if you can only smell this wonderful BBQ smell, in such an out door, and such wonderful settings, away from the rest of the world, trying to enjoy comfort and taste, and the good part, you have nothing to do except to enjoy. Here you will be treated like a Sultan/king, with people all around to serve making this trip a Joy of a lifetime.

Tanura Dancer
BBQ Dinner
Belly Dancer

Henna Painting
The art of hand painting, which symbolizes festivities and celebrations, is popular, especially among women in the Arab world.

Duration : Max 6 Hours
Pickup Time :
From 2:30 PM
Type : Evening
Meeting point : Pick up at your hotel or apartment (Dubai & Sharjah Only)
Meals : BBQ Dinner
Available : Daily

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