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Hatta Trek

This half-day tour takes us to the 200 year old village of Hatta – which is located in the rough Hajar Mountains.

Hatta Trek

After an early departure by 4X4 vehicles, we proceed along the road until we reach the mountains. There you will have an adventurous drive through the rocky landscape. An hour or so of rough driving can be rewarded by scenes of great and unexpected beauty as we pass big and small Wadis and we cross lush landscape, which is surrounding the small settlements and villages deep in the mountains. We will explore the Wadis and dry river beds, which are flooded after winter rains from the Hajar Mountains. A swim in one of those Wadis will give you a nice refreshment in the winter month. Later you can take a visit to the restored 16th century Hatta Fort, before getting your lunch. On the way back to Dubai we stop at one of those popular street markets, where you can find local carpets and potteries.

Minimum of 4 persons required / with lunch


This tour is from Dubai or Sharjah - Subject to availability

Fujairah East Coast Tour

This unexplored jewel of Arabia is a destination waiting to be discovered. The Hajar Mountains are rising majestically on the way east and you will see valleys running down to the sea. All the way you can spot ancient forts and castles and little palm groves, which are spending shadow to the cattle.

This full-day tour starts with a visit to the Friday Market situated on the main road to the town of Fujairah, where you will find traditional items including potteries and carpets. Our next stop will be the Bithna Fort, which has been built for protection long time ago.

East Coast Tour

Our trip will continue to Fujairah Heritage Village, which portrays the traditional life of the people of the Emirates. Exhibits include traditional houses, cooking utensils, farming tools and other items as well as the Al Yazrah system used for irrigating fields.

After a visit to the Ain Al Madhab Gardens, you will have a short lunch break at one of the beach hotels. Afterwards we head off to the scenic fishing village of Dibba. Along the way, we will stop at the Badiya Mosque, UAE's oldest place of worship. It is also known as the 'Ottoman Mosque", which shows an unique design with four small domes held up by a massive central pillar. Climb the hill to see the two small watchtowers and view the small farms scattered around in a beautiful mountainous scenery. On the direct road we will return to Dubai.

Minimum of 4 person required.


This tour is from Dubai or Sharjah - Subject to availability

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