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Aleppo Hotels Aleppo Hotels
Aleppo, Syria
with 22+ hotels and hotel apartments
Bosra Hotels Bosra Hotels
Bosra, Syria
with 02+ hotels and hotel apartments
Damascus Hotels Damascus Hotels
Damascus, Syria
with 50+ hotels and hotel apartments
Deir Ezzor Hotels Deir Ezzor Hotels
Deir Ezzor, Syria
with 03+ hotels and hotel apartments
Hama Hotels Hama Hotels
Hama, Syria
with 04+ hotels and hotel apartments
Homs Hotels Homs Hotels
Homs, Syria
with 04+ hotels and hotel apartments
Latakia Hotels Latakia Hotels
Latakia, Syria
with 09+ hotels and hotel apartments
Palmyra Hotels Palmyra Hotels
Palmyra, Syria
with 06+ hotels and hotel apartments
Tartous Hotels Tartous Hotels
Tartous, Jordan
with 05+ hotels and hotel apartments

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Syria Hotels & Resorts

Syria is located on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea in southwestern Asia. Its area includes ... Read more

territory in the Golan Heights that has been occupied by Israel since 1967. The present area does not coincide with ancient Syria, which was the strip of fertile land lying between the eastern Mediterranean coast and the desert of northern Arabia. Its capital Damascus is among the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world. A country of fertile plains, high mountains, and deserts, it is home to diverse ethnic and religious groups, including the majority Arab population, Alawite, Druze, Sunni and Christian.

Umayyad Mosque Ancient site of Palmyra


Damascus Hotels

Featured Hotels in Damascus

Take advantage of our Amazing Discounts & Hot Hotel Deals in Damascus, Syria

Cham Palace Hotel Damascus Syria
Located downtown, in the heart of the city, 400 luxurious guest rooms and suites. 5 restaurants, among them the only Chinese, Japanese ...
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Dedeman Hotel Damascus Syria
Set in the heart of the city centre, Le Méridien Damascus immerses guests in contemporary luxury and old-world charm.
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Ebla Cham Palace Damascus Syria
Syria's largest 5 stars Palace and Resort. Located halfway between the International Airport and Damascus, just in the middle of Ghouta gardens ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Four Seasons Hotel Damascus
Welcome to Four Seasons Hotel Damascus. Rising in a pillar of timeless architecture beside a lovely public garden and an ancient mosque in a ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Oriental Hotel Damascus Syria
Oriental Hotel is a 5 stars hotel. It was converted from a house into a hotel. It had long been a dream of hers to restore an Old Damascene house.
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Semiramis Hotel Damascus Syria
Semiramis Hotel located in the center of Damascus city. Stately stroll to commercial sites , museums , shopping and entertainment district.
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Sheraton Hotel and Towers Damascus Syria
The Sheraton Damascus Hotel is situated in the one of the oldest cities in the world. Surrounded by lush gardens and facing the lofty Kassioun ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Talisman Al Amin Hotel Damascus Syria
Talisman Al Ameen is the first star on the Talisman Chain of hotels, a luxury place with a beautiful view on the only swimming pool in old Damascus ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee

Aleppo Hotels

Featured Hotels in Aleppo

Take advantage of our Amazing Discounts & Hot Hotel Deals in Aleppo, Syria

Beit Salahieh Boutique Hotel Aleppo Syria
Welcome to the family-run five star Beit Salahieh Boutique Hotel, where its sole objective is to recreate the comfort and share the generous ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Chahba Cham Palace Aleppo Syria
The Chahba Cham Palace is the only five-star luxury hotel in Aleppo, Syria's second largest city. The Chahba Cham Palace has the largest health ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Dedeman Hotel Aleppo Syria
Located in northern Syria, Aleppo is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. It occupies a strategic trading point midway between the ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Mansouriya Palace Hotel Aleppo Syria
Nestled in the heart of the ancient city of Aleppo, The Mansouriya Palace Hotel is a delightful surprise of old world charm and sublime luxury ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Sheraton Aleppo Hotel Syria
Overview A warm welcome awaits at Sheraton Aleppo Hotel. Our energetic, enthusiastic, and motivated staff is completely focused on you and happy ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Yasmeen d'Alep House Aleppo Syria
Aleppo hotel Yasmeen d'Alep House is a breathtaking beautiful restored 17th century Arabic house situated in the heart of the old town of Aleppo ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Beit Marrash Hotel Aleppo Syria
The hotel is an old oriental Aleppine mansion about 200 years old with 10 rooms, a vaulted restaurant and a lobby, distributed around a charming ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Pullman Al Shahba Hotel Alleppo Syria
The hotel has been the leader in Aleppo in terms of popularity and consequently enjoys the highest occupancy due to its three strong ...
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Palmyra Hotels

Featured Hotels in Palmyra

Take advantage of our Amazing Discounts & Hot Hotel Deals in Palmyra, Syria

Dedeman Palmyra Hotel Syria
Palmyra in ancient times was a very important city of central Syria, located in an oasis 215 km. northeast of Damascus.
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Tadamora Palace Hotel and Spa Palmyra
Tadamora Palace has been constructed at the entrance of Palmyra in the Palmyrian architecture and design.
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Villa Palmyra Medotel Palmyra Syria
Villa Palmyra Medotel is located in the heart of the Syrian desert Palmyra. In this illustrious oasis, you will discover the charms of a people proudly ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Heliopolis Hotel Palmyra Syria
Heliopolis Hotel is located in Palmyra, Syria, some hundred meters from the ruins of Palmyra, and three minutes walk from the city center of Palmyra.
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Tetrapylon Hotel Palmyra Syria
Tetrapylon hotel is situated at the main square near the museum and the Municipality, at a walking distance from the ancient walls of the historical ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Zenobia Hotel Palmyra Syria
Located in the archaelogical park of Palmyra, the hotel was built since 1930, few meter from Baalshamin temple, offering a unique and breathtaking ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee

Latakia Hotels

Featured Hotels in Latakia

Take advantage of our Amazing Discounts & Hot Hotel Deals in Latakia, Syria

Afamia Rotana Resort Latakia Syria
Ideally located at the crossroad of the Near East, Afamia Rotana Resort is on a peninsula, 2 km from the Latakia city centre, the property has ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Cote D'Azur De Cham Resort Latakia Syria
Located next to the Cote d'Azur de Cham Resort, close to the beach, The Cote d'Azur de Cham Residence has over 100 rooms and suites ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Le Meridien Hotel Lattakia Syria
The ancient Greek writer Strabo described Lattakia as a land of rolling hills and lush vineyards, and today those same rolling hills and lush vineyards ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Al Samman Hotel Lattakia Syria
Al Samman Hotel is located at the heart of Lattakia's commercial & corporate center, it is very close to major touristic and commercial attractions.
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Cote D'Azur De Cham Residence Syria
The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and restaurant. All the Residence guests have free access to the Cote d'Azur beach by an underground tunnel.
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Mountain Breeze Resort Latakia Syria
Mountain Breeze Resort is a unique site for Rural Tourism in Syria. The resort, which is about 950 meters above sea level, lies in the midst ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Riviera Hotel Lattakia Syria
Located at Ramadan Street, close to the General Directorate of Tourism, the hotel insures a calm and elegant stay in lattakia.
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Alcazino Hotel and Restaurant Syria
Alcazino Hotel and Restaurant is a distinctive historical, touristic and modern feature in Lattakia which was the a tourist aim for all the guests ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Palace Hotel Lattakia Syria
Shahin Tower Hotel: Consists of 21 floors, Just in front of the sea Side, With 156 Rooms and suites. Rooms have balcony with beautiful view of the sea ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee

Hama Hotels

Featured Hotels in Hama

Take advantage of our Amazing Discounts & Hot Hotel Deals in Hama, Syria

Apamee Cham Palace Hama Syria
In the center of Hama, overlooking the Orontes river with it's famous water wheels, is the latest five-star addition to the Cham Palaces and Hotels.
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Cairo Hotel Hama Syria
Opened in the 1950s, the Cairo Hotel has been serving visitors to Hama for over half a century. Centrally located, souks, restaurants and the city's ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Norias Hotel Hama Syria
Noria Hotel is located in the middle of Hama city, Quatly st., fl. 4 and 5, it has been established at 1995, it contains 43 rooms which are provided with ...
✓ Best Price Guarantee
Orient House Hama Syria
The "Orient House" is considered one of the most important houses in ancient Hama city, Combines the modernity and heritage, and it ...
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