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History of San Marino

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San Marino is a tiny enclave surrounded by Italy. Founded in 301 A.D. and with a constitution dating back to the 17th century, San Marino is one of the oldest extant Republics in the world. In the earliest days of its existence, its de-facto independence was maintained because as an inaccessible city-state with no wealth to speak of, absorbing it was considered more trouble than it was worth, and so it was left relatively unmolested by the Romans and later neighboring states.

In 1631, the Papal States, which at this time surrounded San Marino, formally recognized San Marino's independence. This independence has survived down to the present day, despite being at times surrounded by a war zone between competing belligerents. San Marino's independence was respected by Napoleon, on account of the fact that it was Europe's oldest constitutional Republic, and by Garibaldi, who despite being the man responsible for the unification of Italy, granted San Marino's continued wish for independence due to their support in harboring pro-unification refugees in the days before unification.

During World War II, San Marino was briefly occupied by German soldiers in 1944 before they were driven out by allied forces, who themselves withdrew quickly afterwards.

Today, San Marino remains as an independent enclave surrounded by the Italian Republic. Prior to 2002, San Marino had its own currency known as the San Marino Lira, exchangeable at par with the Italian Lira. When Italy entered the Eurozone, San Marino was given permission to issue Euro money, despite not being a member of the EU itself.


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San Marino is an enclave in Italy, on the border between the region of Emilia Romagna and Marche and about 10 km (6.21 mi) from the Adriatic coast at Rimini. Its topography is dominated by the Apennine mountain range, and it has a rugged terrain. The highest point in the country, the summit of Monte Titano, is located at 749 m (2,457 ft) above sea level. There are no bodies of water of any significant size. San Marino is the third smallest country in Europe, with only Vatican City and Monaco being smaller. San Marino has no natural level ground; it is entirely composed of hilly terrain.


The culture of San Marino is uniform and homogenous. It is predominately Italian. The culture is termed as Sammarinese. For this reason the country is also called "La Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino" which means 'Most Serene Republic of San Marino'. This title in itself says a lot about the culture of the country.

Weather and Climate

The climate is normally temperate, typically Mediterranean; as is the flora which, at the higher altitudes is particularly dense. Winds blow from the north-northeast during winter months and from the south-southwest during the summer. Among the arboreal plants, we find olive trees, pine trees, fir trees, oaks, beech trees, poplars and elms. Numerous mammals are present; such as moles, hedgehogs, foxes, badgers, martens, weasels and hares.

Public Holidays

San Marino Public Holidays Year 2015
New Year Day January 01, 2015 Thursday
Epiphany January 06, 2015 Tuesday
Feast of St. Agatha February 05, 2015 Thursday
Anniversary of the Arengo March 25, 2015 Wednesday
Investiture of the new Captains Regent April 01, 2015 Wednesday
Easter April 05, 2015 Sunday
Easter Monday or Dyngus Day April 06, 2015 Monday
Workers or Labour Day May 01, 2015 Friday
Corpus Christi June 04, 2015 Thursday
Anniversary of the Fall of the Fascist Government July 28, 2015 Tuesday
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary August 15, 2015 Saturday
San Marino Day and Foundation of the Republic September 03, 2015 Thursday
Investiture of the new Captains Regent October 01, 2015 Thursday
All Saints or Hallows Day November 01, 2015 Sunday
All Souls Day November 02, 2015 Monday
Immaculate Conception December 08, 2015 Tuesday
Christmas Eve December 24, 2015 Thursday
Christmas Day December 25, 2015 Friday
St. Stephens Day December 26, 2015 Saturday
New Year Eve December 31, 2015 Thursday

Travel Advisory

There is no nationwide advisory in effect for San Marino. Exercise normal security precautions.