Caving and Canyoning Adventure 14 hours

(Valencia & Mabinay) W/Sidetrip to Mabinay Springs
Caving and Canyoning Adventure 14 hours Negros Philippines

For the more adventurous type who have had some basic caving experience, we will take you to more challenging caves with opportunity to rappel and apply vertical caving techniques and single rope technique, as well as hiking, swimming in an underground river, crawling under, and squeezing in tight spaces, guided by your headlamps and the cavern naturalist. Package includes trips to 3 to 4 caves, 4x4 land transfers, helmet & light equipment, harnesses & rappel equipment, rappel gloves, packed lunch and guide.

Includes: Land transfers,Meals, snacks, water, beverages, Outdoor guide, Helmets, rappel equipment and lights

Subject to weather conditions

No. of Person
Rates Per Person
1 Php 8,300.00
2 Php 4,825.00
3 Php 3,670.00
4 Php 3,090.00
5 Php 2,740.00
6 Php 2,510.00
7 Php 2,345.00
8 Php 2,220.00
9 Php 2,125.00
10 PHP 2,045.00
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