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Brazil Sports

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Golf, diving, adventure and fishing: sports in the country of soccer

Brazil is world reference in terms of sports. It is the only five-time world soccer champion, and the largest exporter of soccer players to the most important soccer teams in all continents. In regard to volleyball, the Brazilian team stands out as the best in the Americas – with two gold medals in Olympic Games and four Championships won at the World League of Volleyball. And in “beach volley” – a genuine Brazilian sport, created on the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, in Rio de Janeiro –, the Country is a world leader, winning medals in all competitions.

But don’t be misguided to think that these are the only sports widely practiced and popular in Brazil. The country’s territorial extension, combined with its diversity of flora and geographical formation, make of Brazil a privileged destination, where options of nature-integrated sports are virtually numberless. Among most appreciated modalities, visitors find surfing, free flying, sailing, diving and sports fishing.

The availability of adequate locations, with good infrastructure and beautiful landscape, attract sports practitioners and tourists from all over the world. A proof of that is the growing number of visitors who crowd the many different destinations in Brazil looking for great adventure, or for sophisticated golf courses, and much more.

Brazil Sports

With 8.5 thousand km of coastline, the most fish populated rivers in the world and a great diversity of fish species, Brazil stands out as the perfect destination for the practice of sports fishing. Araguaia, Amazonas, São Francisco and Paraná are some of the Brazilian rivers that have become exceptional destinations for the lovers of environmentally sound sports fishing. Vitória, in the State of Espírito Santo, is famous for hosting the Oceanic Fishing International Championship, gathering enthusiasts of the so-called “beak fish” (marlins) from all over the world.

For practitioners of water sports, weather and geographical conditions on the wide Brazilian coast could not be better. Strong waves, such as those found in the beaches of Florianópolis, in the State of Santa Catarina, charm and challenge surfers from all over the world. Good winds are available all through the year, driving sailboats along the entire coastline and especially in the Southeastern region of the country. For divers, highlights are places like the National Sea Park of Abrolhos, on the Southern coast of the State of Bahia, and Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago considered a true ecological paradise. Bonito, in the very heartland of Brazil, is also an obligatory stop for those who appreciate diving inside grouts and caverns.

Radical sports also have their share in itineraries available in the Country. The peculiar characteristics of Brazilian geography – plateaus, mountain rivers, and great natural take-off ramps – offer exceptional conditions for the practice of adventure sports. Vertical sports, such as rappel and canyonning - alpinism on waterfalls, canyons and canyon rivers –, can take place in the many spots available in the country, such as the Chapada Diamantina plateau, in the heartland of the State of Bahia. Rafting – practiced in groups of people, on inflated boats –, finds an ideal environment in most Brazilian rivers. For the lovers of free flying – divided into modalities such as hang gliding and paragliding -, Brazil offers more than 50 official take-off ramps, included in national and foreign circuits of competitions, such as Pedra Bonita, in Rio de Janeiro.

Whatever is your favorite sports modality, on land, on water or on the air, Brazil will make you love it. Enjoy. Come visit us, and become a fan.

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