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Weather in Mauritius

Local Time in Mauritius

Mauritius enjoys a perenially sunny climate, in general. Midwinter occurs in June and July with midday temperatures of 25 degrees Celcius on the coast and 19 degrees Celcius on the plateau. Midsummer occurs in January and February with midday temperatures around 25 degrees Celcius on the plateau and 31 degrees Celcius on the coast.


Mauritius Current Weather

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Best time to travel to Mauritius

If you're planning to stay on the coast

Arguably the best time to travel to Mauritius is during the cooler months of the year. That is, from the late autumn to mid spring (i.e. May to mid October).

These months generally have plenty of sunshine, lower humidity levels and less rain than during the summer months.

During August and September you'll be pleased to learn that the average daytime maximum temperatures sit around 23-26°C. At night, the minimum temperature hovers around 15-17°C.

However, just be aware that both July and August are the windiest months of the year. So if you think that this is not the best time to visit Mauritius, then plan to arrive in mid September or October. By November, you'll find that it's quite hot and humid on the coast.

If you want to experience hot steamy weather in Mauritius then the best time to visit is during January, February or early March. February is the most humid month and if you don't have access to air conditioning at night, then you won't get much sleep.

If you've lived in a cold climate all your life and are coming to Mauritius during its summer, then your body will need to acclimatise to the sudden rise in both the humidity and temperature.

The best time to travel to the mountainous parts of Mauritius is from September to early November.

During the hot, humid summer months, the mountainous regions of Mauritius receive torrential rain (far more than on the coast). In fact, it can rain all day almost everyday in the mountains during the wet season (November to April) and so for this reason you may find that many roads over the inland areas become blocked by flood waters.

So obviously if you're planning to get a hire car, then stick to the main coastal roads during the summer months. If you want to venture inland then find out from the locals which roads are the least likely to flood during the wet season.

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